This schedule is subject to change. Lecture material is posted as a link in the column “Lecture PPts”. Class meets 9-10 MWF Klaus 1447.

Week Date Day


ID: Interaction DesignDOET: Design of Everyday Things

Topic Lecture PPts  Due Dates (at start of class unless otherwise noted)
1 6-Jan M ID Chapter 1 What is Interaction Design? Introduction to the course, course web site, web lectures, lecture HWs, PPts Introduction
8-Jan W ID Chapter 9 The Process of Interaction Design Project Ideas HW0 – Wiki page on T-Square
10-Jan F Form project teams
Teamwork – Andy Pruett
2 13-Jan M ID Chapter 7 Data Gathering Requirements gathering Introduction
15-Jan W ID 8.1-8.3; 8.7 Reguirements gathering, IRB User CharacteristicsOrganizing Results Project Part 0 due
17-Jan F
ID Chapter 10
Reguirements gathering Documenting Results
3 20-Jan M No class – MLK Day  Schedule via T-Square Wiki a 20 minute team meeting with TAs for Jan 23, 24 or 25 to discuss your Project Part 1.
22-Jan W ID Chapter 3 up to and including 3.3.3 Human abilities, Model Human Processor  Human Abilities Due by 6pm Jan 23. Project team posts PPt on Wiki describing in detail one requirement gathering method you will use. Be prepared to
present in class.
24-Jan F Selected teams present plan for one requirement gathering method
4 27-Jan M ID Section 15.4 (GOMS, KLM, Fitts) Predictive models of human performance Models of Human Performance HW1 – Study and critique an
everyday device
29-Jan W Snow Day T1 – test question and answer
31-Jan F TEST 1
5 3-Feb M ID Sections 3.3.4 (DCOG), 3.3.5 (EC), 8.6.2 (DCOG) Beyond the individual – Offloading and Distributed Cognition HW 2 – Action counts for smart phone and microwave
5-Feb W DOET Chapter 1 Design Guidelines and Principles  DOET CH1
7-Feb F Project Part 1 – 5pm
6 10-Feb M Guest Lecture – Laura Barg-Walkow, GT School of Psychology User-Centered Design Methodologies applied to Developing a System for Tracking and Managing Pain
12-Feb W ID 2-1-2.4 Conceptual Design and Metaphors Snow Day
14-Feb F Hall of Fame / Hall of Shame HW3 – Hall of Fame/Shame
7 17-Feb M DOET Chapter 2 Hall of Fame/Shame continued; Gulf of execution & evaluation DOET CH2 Schedule via T-Square Wiki a 20 minute team meeting with TAs to discuss your Project Part 2.
19-Feb W  ID Chapter 11 Design, Prototyping & Construction Early-stage prototyping; sketches, storyboards Prototyping
21-Feb F  Design Guidelines Guidelines
8 24-Feb M In-class work on results of Design Sketch HW4  HW4 – Design Activity part 1
26-Feb W ID Chapter 5 Emotional Interaction  Design for Emotions Design for Emotions  HW4 – Design Activity part 2
28-Feb F Visual Structure in the Design of Graphical User Interfaces; ID 169-173 Continue Design for Emotions; Graphic and Icon Design Graphic DesignIcon Design
9 3-Mar M  ID6 Dialogue Styles Command LineWIMPDirect Manipulation
5-Mar W Poster session in GVU Cafe, TSRB second floor IRB Certificate Submission due Project Part 2 – 5pm
7-Mar F Later-stage Prototyping Prototyping (same as Feb 19)
10 10-Mar M Test Review Homework T2 – test question and answer
12-Mar W TEST 2
14-Mar F Meet in class – planning your Project Part 3
11 24-Mar M ID Chapters 12 & 13 Evaluation UI Testing UI testing 1 of 2 Schedule via T-Square Wiki a 20-minute team meeting with TAs to discuss your detail evaluation plan submitted as project part 3
26-Mar W ID Chap. 14 Evaluation, 15.2.3  UI Testing UI testing 2 of 2 

Heuristic Evaluation Example 1
Heuristic Evaluation Example 2

28-Mar F Discuss skeuomorphs. Start International Design Design for Globalization
IBM Localization Guidelines
12 31-Mar M Read ARTICLE to learn what a skeuomorph is; come to class with an example International Design continued Skeuomorphs
2-Apr W In-class activity – use/critique
other teams’ prototypes; use feedback to refine designs!
4-Apr F Project work day Project Part 3 – 5pm
13 7-Apr M More on guidelines; Icons, Errors, On-line Help Icons, Errors, On-line Help Schedule via T-Square Wiki a 20 minute team meeting with TAs for this week to discuss your detailed evaluation plan submitted as part 3. Earlier in the week is better.
9-Apr W Introduction to an HCI Domain Area – Information Visualization Intro to InfoViz
11-Apr F Introduction to a TBD HCI Domain Area
Test Review Homework T3 – test question and answer
14 14-Apr M TEST 3
16-Apr W No Class – work on projects
18-Apr F Project Presentations
15 21-Apr M Project Presentations
23-Apr W Project Presentations
25-Apr F Project Presentations   Project Part 4 – 5pm
exam week Your project is your final exam 🙂